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Secret Hitler: first impressions

I recently got to play a new game called Secret Hitler.  I seem to be a bit behind the curve on this one, as there was a big Kickstarter for it late last year.  It really is a fun variation on the social deduction game, with secret fascists vying to take over the government and place “Hitler” in charge.

Right off the bat, there are notable differences from Werewolf, such as a much smaller crowd needed (5-10 players), shorter play time, and no elimination.  The game is more structured, so you do have specific information to go from that — even if it doesn’t spell everything out — gives you more to go on that gut feelings.

There is a lot of humor in the game design, though game play itself is serious and tense (well, as serious as any “game” can be I suppose.)  Notably, in the artwork, the Nazis are lizardmen. Make of that what you will.

Secret Hitler fascists

I’ve only had a chance to play it once, so I can only really give initial impressions. Also, that particular play through was more difficult than the rules intended, because I was a fascist, and none of us actually knew who “Hitler” was, even though we were supposed to.  We ended up winning anyway when one of my evil compatriots figured it out and got him elected Chancellor.

(As a side note, I played several different social deduction games that evening, and I was Team Evil in every single one of them.  Again, make of that what you will.)

Overall this game is a LOT of fun, and a great way to get your Werewolf fix when you don’t have enough players for Werewolf.